E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

In the digital world of smartphones, it is very important to store variable data including SMS and call logs. The fear of losing critical information can be enhanced without any solution. You can enter the E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore this is a versatile solution designed to safeguard and restore your SMS and Call data in a very easy way in this guide we are going to explore one of the best and use benefits of E2PDF and we are going to tell your how you can utilize it effectively and the multitude of benefits.

E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

E2PDF is a stunning and powerful Android application that helps users back up and restore SMS messages and call logs in a very effective way with its user-friendly interface and multitude of features and benefits it simplifies the process by preserving and retrieving The white data of your communication.

E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

Steps to backup and restore SMS and call logs with E2PDF

Process for backup:

First, take a look at the process of backup up your SMS and call logs.

  • You have to begin by downloading and installing the E2PDF app from the Play Store in your Android phone.
  • Then you have to choose whether you want to backup for SMS or call logs or for both.
  • It is time to select the specific additional preferences like data is message types and storage location as per your need.
  • At last, start the backup process and wait to complete it.

With the help of this easy process, you can easily take the backup of SMS and call logs in your device and you can retrieve your data with the Ease.

Process to Restore

Now walk through the process to restore your data in your Android device.

  • First, you have to navigate to the location where the backup files are stored.
  • In the next steps open the E2PDF application and select the option to restore your data from SMS and Call.
  • In the next steps locate the desired backup file from the list in your phone.
  • It is time to begin the restore data process and wait until it.

Multitude benefits of using E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

It’s time to take a look at the multitude of benefits of using this application for backup and restoration of your care call and SMS data.

  • It is very helpful to safeguard your valuable Bebak SMS messages and call logs against the loss of accidental declaration.
  • You can easily enjoy the convenience of back in the pure important data and restore the data directly from your Android device without the need to access any external tool or any complicated procedure.
  • In the last and final step tailor your backup and restore setting to shoot your preferences by ensuring flexibility and control over your data management.


In the ongoing Era where smartphones serve essential communication data, a reliable backup and restore solution is very important. E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore offers to protect and recover the SMS and call logs with ease. By embracing this versatile tool every individual can let go of their worries.

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