WhatsApp Features You Must Know In 2024

With over five billion and greater downloads, when it comes to social networking, WhatsApp is the primary app that involves the mind. No wonder it’s a household name for texting people in today’s international. With WhatsApp now getting better slowly and certainly through the day, there are quite a few WhatsApp features that one has to use for a better experience. Here are the new WhatsApp capabilities you ought to know in 2024.

WhatsApp Features You Must Know In 2024

WhatsApp features

Step Verification

This is a brand new WhatsApp feature you ought to recognize. Recently, the two-step Verification Feature was added as a security measure with the intention to protect personal facts from being stolen.

Message editing

WhatsApp has subsequently added the choice to edit messages. One can now modify the text without having the need to delete and ship a brand new message simply to correct spelling errors.

Send photographs with high-quality.

Sharing pictures with better quality on WhatsApp was constantly an inconvenience because it typically tends to compress the images, as a result compromising the photo readability.

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Voice message status

WhatsApp Status these days gives you the choice of voice messages. One can now input voice messages as an option to higher explicit what’s on their thoughts or how they experience.

Companion mode

Here’s a brand new WhatsApp feature you absolutely should recognize! After a large demand from consumers and a protracted wait, WhatsApp has sooner or later introduced Companion Mode.

Silence unknown calls

This is some other new WhatsApp features that have become famous quite recently. Nowadays, scammers with international numbers have located a manner to contact customers on the instant messaging platform via WhatsApp calls, which has been a prime inconvenience to users. In reality, a few customers have even fallen prey to these scams.

Lock your private chats.

Do you have a regular fear of your chats being read by the human beings around you? Worry no longer. WhatsApp has now come with its mind-blowing and lots-required chat lock feature. This feature enables chats selected by way of you to only be accessed through biometrics or a passcode selected by way of you.

Reaction feature

Whatsapp also added the “reaction feature” that lets customers specify their sentiments and engage in conversations. With this option, you can now long press on any text message and react with your favored emoji, similar to Instagram.

Share with captions

Similar to while you share pictures or films, now and again, the things you percentage, like newspaper articles or painting documents, may need a little rationalization. Thus, with the new caption characteristic, you may now write a brief description before you share these files, just like including a caption for an image. In this manner, you can provide some context or give an explanation for what you’re sharing.

Whatsapp polls

With the WhatsApp polls feature, any member, including the admin, can create and percentage the ballot in the group to get a definitive answer or to make a solid decision.


In conclusion, I hope you’ve learned all about the brand-new WhatsApp features cited in this newsletter. WhatsApp has been a famous messaging platform for nearly a decade now.

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