How to Get Deleted Call History in Android Phone

How to Get Deleted Call History in Android Phone: For any user call log is something that requires valuable data about all the calls that you have received or made with your mobile phone. This is one of the data areas where you can find out the calls that you have missed so that you will not miss out on the important calls. But the problem of mistakenly deleting the call log is quite common as many people delete it by mistake or accidentally which causes them inconvenience as all the unsaved numbers will also get deleted from the call log.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get deleted call history and recover all your deleted contacts or call logs that you have missed.

How to recover deleted call history in Android

There are different types of methods through which you can recover your deleted call history like the help of local backup with the help of backup, the help of Google Drive, with the help of your carrier.

How to Get Deleted Call History

How to recover deleted call history with local backup

 in most Android smartphones, there are free installed backup solutions that are given to the consumer as their mobile phones are connected to the cloud systems, and all of their data files get automatically restored over those cloud systems. In the case of deletion of call logs, you can recover it from the local backup system. For that purpose, you have to go to the settings select accounts, and backup and restore data. From that option, you have to select the backup system and call logs option and then click on the restore button. All your contacts will be restored on your mobile phone.

Recover from Google Drive

in many smartphones, Google Drive is a pre-installed application and with this application, you can easily recover all your deleted call logs. But this is one of the methods that can only be used when you have previously linked your mobile phone with your Google Drive and then only you can recover all those call logs.

Recover deleted call history with your carrier

 it is quite common that you will not remember to back up everything and there are high chances that you do not have any bebak backup of that data. For that purpose, you can take the help of your carrier service provider who helps you to recover all your call logs. Every service provider has your call history and all the details about your call history so they can easily help you recover it back a new phone you can easily access them from their portal where you will find out all the incoming and outgoing calls.

These are some of the important methods through which you can get all your call logs retrieved from multiple methods. We have mentioned multiple methods through which you can use them or have more options to recover your data if one does not work. In this way, you can recover the data and keep your important things to yourself.

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